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Red Rooster Media brings in-market traffic to your website. We use analytics, a variety of proven strategies, and high-quality media (ie: animated ads, professional-grade video production, website, and logo design) to custom tailor a marketing plan that multiplies your online foot traffic. We believe in garnering long-term relationships and providing long-term value. We are flexible when it comes to structuring deals and are an ideal fit for start-ups and growing businesses that need a hands-on marketing team for a fraction of traditional advertising costs or hiring full-time marketing employees. We are a long-time partner of Silicon Valley Business School (SVBS.CO) and have been consulting and executing online advertising strategies for companies in a variety of sectors. As a valued partner of SVBS.CO, we are plugged into a vast network of Silicon Valley industry professionals and investors who we can call upon to ensure great success and advising along your entrepreneurial journey.



Red Rooster Media works hand in hand with our partners to find what challenges their niche market presents. We have tools and experts who identify what competitors are bidding on. Our team then creates and refines a click funnel that opens and closes sales in conjunction with a heavily analyzed landing page that tracks every aspect of user activity. With this information we improvise, optimize, and adapt our marketing efforts to slowly refine our tactics in order to outmaneuver our bidding competitors. We are very invested in our partners’ success and we do not work with two companies in the same space who would be bidding against each other. We take pride in our ability to manage and refine sales funnels. To learn more about our marketing process and previous success stories contact us to find out how we can bring value to your team.

Red Rooster Media
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