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A strong personality is key to winning over an audience. Developing a personality for your brand is one of the most challenging things many businesses will face. The strongest way to build trust with your audience is via interaction. While many business owners get a chance to interact with customers in person, in the internet age it is also crucial to create compelling advertisements and other video content that captures the personality of your brand so that it can be amplified across the web.

YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are all great platforms to promote video content which attract attention to the personality of your brand. Representing your brand with well-produced commercials is vital for success within the online video advertising space and this is why Red Rooster Media has an in-house production team that delivers professional-grade film. With over 18 years of combined experience in film production and branding animation, our team and extended network are capable of doing what it takes to make your brand’s personality shine throughout the internet.

To learn more, check out some of our recent video production and animation work below or inquire using the button below for a free consultation!

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Video Production

3D Animation

2D Animation

Silicon Valley High School

Red Rooster Media

Animation and Video Advertising

We create content, manage adspend, and placement for Silicon Valley High School. SVHS.CO is one of the fastest growing online High School in its space. They have doubled their revenue within our first year as their marketing firm.

Weiser Technik

Weiser Advertisement

This is a YouTube and Facebook advertisement we collaborated on with Madi Media in order to promote Weiser Technik motorcycle LED lighting.

Silicon Valley Business School

SVBS Advertisement

We created this animation in house, and are running this campaign on an international scale. We are finding that viewer retention rate is much higher with a strong animation and a professional voice over. 

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