Stand Out with Targeted Display Advertising

Stand Out with Targeted Display Ads

Online Advertising Services We Offer

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Social Media Advertising

From social media page management and content creation to promoted social advertising, Red Rooster has you covered. We harness the power of social networks to "share" your business with the world.

Red Rooster Media

Google Campaigns

With over 3.5 billion searches being conducted daily on Google, our targeted display and search campaigns have proven to increase business foot traffic and online sales. Re-marketing and local targeting techniques can also be implemented to further increase the return on your investment.

Red Rooster Media

Video Marketing

Connect with a widely untapped pool of clientele waiting to discover your business with comprehensive YouTube and social media video advertising campaigns managed by our marketing strategists.


1) INCREASE YOUR ONLINE SALES by capturing your target audience WHEN they are searching for products and services that you offer

2) EXPAND YOUR BRAND AWARENESS with growth hacking techniques which make you visible to your target market 24/7

3) RAISE YOUR GOOGLE RANKING by boosting your in-market website traffic

Why Choose Red Rooster Media?

Red Rooster Media

Record of Success

Red Rooster Media online advertising campaigns have been proven to create a massive increase of in-market audience viewers to our client's websites and social media pages. On average, our clients see thousands of new in-market viewers to their website each month resulting in an 8 times increase in online conversions!

Red Rooster Media

Total Transparency

Nobody likes spending money without fully understanding where it went, so why should you? Using campaigns integrated with tools like Google Analytics, Red Rooster Media provides regular easy-to-digest reports that update you on where your money was spent what results our campaign optimization efforts are producing for you.

Red Rooster Media

Captivating Strategy

Red Rooster Media prides itself on creating high quality graphics and punchy marketing verbiage. Red Rooster advertisements boast a 50% higher click-through-rate (CTR) than the industry average for online advertisements! Your target audience is sure to see our advertisements and furthermore be called to action to check out your business further.

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